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Are cosmetic procedures worth the investment?

Personal consultations can work out the best long term plan to make the most of your goals

When it comes to some cosmetic procedures, the idea of cost can prevent some people from seeking consultation on the options available to them. 

“It’s definitely an investment, but one we feel is worthwhile since your face is what represents you most to the world,” says Meghan Hanna, operator of Prim Aesthetics in Sault Ste. Marie. “People have an emotional attachment to both how they look and how they feel about how they look. Our job is about making people feel better about themselves, not to make others feel good about how they look,” says Hanna. 

Investing in skin health early can also prevent more costly procedures in the future as wrinkles and volume loss get worse during the aging process. “Doing ‘damage control’ in the form of a cosmetic procedure ten years from now will be more costly and likely more invasive in the end as opposed to getting smaller, more cost-effective procedures spread out over those years instead.”

“We focus dollars where they count,” says Hanna.

It’s important to be realistic about your main priorities and expectations when seeking out cosmetic procedures and treatments. A consultation with a team member at Prim Aesthetics will help to create a customized plan that matches your goals and budget. 

“Our plans for patients are more like a marathon, not one overwhelming sprint. It can be a slow process.” Team members will tell patients whether their expectations will be met or if they are not a good candidate for specific procedures. “If our expectation is that we will only be able to fix something by 50%, we ask the patient if they’re okay with that improvement and whether the treatment is still worth it.”

Communication with patients is also important, as well as ensuring they’re educated about their own anatomy. “The treatment is different for wrinkles that have been there for decades over someone who’s 30 years old. We want to make sure our patients adjust their recovery time, and that there is always a continued relationship because almost nothing we do is permanent.”

There are multiple treatments and procedures, doses, and schedules that can be customized to meet your goals and budget. “If you want to treat or prevent scowl lines but can't afford anti-wrinkle injections every 3-4 months, it’s less costly and still beneficial to receive a treatment even once a year with a good skin care regimen at home,” says Hanna, “Our goal is for you to still achieve results within your budget.”

Cosmetic procedures should look natural

People see worst-case scenarios on social media, so cosmetic procedures can be branded as being automatically unnatural. Although these treatments are elective and cosmetic, they are still a form of medicine and Prim Aesthetics values that they have to always do right by patients who sit in their chairs. 

“These are people's faces. What we put out there on the street and into the world is a representation of us. It’s not our goal to make you look unnatural. It’s about preservation, prevention, and enhancement without dramatically changing someone's individual facial characteristics,” says Hanna, “when we’re told by our clients that other people notice a difference but ‘can’t put their finger on it,’ that’s our biggest compliment.”

Hanna’s small team is made up of herself, a nurse practitioner who provides all injectable treatments; Jenna Hester, a licensed esthetician providing treatments such as medical-grade facials and chemical peels; Rachel Rife, an LPN who rents a room onsite providing services such as microblading, powder brows, and permanent eyeliner; and Jessica Cryderman, a medical assistant.  “We’re a pretty small staff. Our clients know our names very quickly, which develops personal relationships a lot faster,” says Hanna. 

Prim Aesthetics has seen continued growth and a high volume of clientele since opening in March 2021. After being told by others in the industry that January and February are typically slow months, “we are pleasantly surprised. Word of mouth is definitely helping us.”

To learn more, visit Prim Aesthetics online.