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Chippewa County International Airport (CIU) set to restore morning flights, expanding connectivity for travelers

Airport management and local passengers alike look forward to upcoming changes

Travelers that use Chippewa County International Airport (CIU) as their central hub can look forward to the upcoming return of morning flights.

The return of morning departures means that passengers going beyond Detroit or Minneapolis will have more connection options to take them to their destination, explained Tami Beseau, the Airport Manager at CIU.

"Our passengers are dedicated to CIU and having the ability back to "fly from nearby" will be well received," Beseau said.

Due to a pilot shortage, CIU was forced to change their flights to primarily late afternoon and evening departures throughout 2022 and 2023.

"This doesn't benefit our travelers that are going beyond Detroit or Minneapolis, so earlier flights help with passenger connectivity to other flights and destinations," explained Beseau.

The return of the morning flights isn't the only exciting change CIU has in store, Beseau added, explaining that CIU will begin flying larger 70-passenger aircraft starting in October, and they are working with a west coast resort to set up a fall air charter to Laughlin Nevada.

Visit the Chippewa County International Airport (CIU) website to see flight options.