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MIPARACON donates $3K to Chippewa County Animal Control Shelter

"We are really proud that we're able to use this event to raise money and give back to our community," MIPARACON Co-directors Tim Ellis said

Michigan Paranormal Convention (MIPARACON) Co-directors Tim Ellis and Brad Blair were at it again today, donating $2,716.85 to Chippewa County Animal Control Shelter from money made at the 13th MIPARACON event.

"We've teamed up with Pawtographs for Pooches,” Blair said. "It is an organization that helps raise money for animal shelters. It works pretty much exclusively with paranormal groups throughout the country. They had a table set up at the Michigan Paranormal Convention. They raised a portion of the funds, and Michigan Paranormal Convention donated another portion of the funds.”

It turns out that Ellis and Blair are huge animal lovers, so helping out in this way was their pleasure. In fact, Blair's wife made him promise one crucial thing before coming home this evening.

"I was told not to bring any more pets home," he said. "I had to go in and visit with them before we presented the check."

Shelter staff member Erin Smith was ecstatic to receive the nearly $3,000 donation today.

"It is an amazing thing," she said. "My brother is involved with MIPARACON, so that they thought of us as being one of the places they would donate to. It helps our dogs, and helps us with adoption. It is just a great, great thing for them to do for us."

Smith is hoping to add on to the building in the near future, but nothing is set in stone just yet. 

"We are in the planning stages of it," said Smith. "We have designs made up, and we're just waiting to bid it out." 

While finalizing plans, the money donated today will help care for sick animals and maintain grooming needs. Staff also plan to improve the shelter's cat and dog kennels. 

Since the event, MIPARACON has donated around $4,000 to local organizations. 

Earlier this month, Ellis and Blair partnered with Sault Ste. Marie Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) Director Linda Hoath to present a $1,000 check to Dr. Raquel Fernandez-Earns to help fund the Soo Locks Children’s Museum (SLCM).

"We are really proud that we're able to use this event to raise money and give back to our community," said Ellis. "That means a lot to us."

According to Smith, the shelter currently houses approximately 25 homeless dogs and 80 homeless cats. Five dogs are away at Kinross Correctional Facility (KCF) for behavior modification and training. 

If looking to adopt a furry friend, all pets are fully vaccinated and treated with cared at Chippewa County Animal Control Shelter, located at 3660 S. Mackinac Trail, Sault Ste. Marie. The shelter is open from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Its phone number is 906-632-2519.