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Phase 2 of Soo Locks housing project in Kinross starts

It's being built to ease the housing shortage in the area for Soo Locks construction workers

Phase 2 of the Kinross Housing Project in Chippewa County started this past week to ease the housing shortage in the area for Soo Locks construction workers.

It's a story SooLeader has been following since last May and July when Phase 1 of the project was being worked on and then eventually was opened up for the first tenants to move in.

Southeastern Disaster Relief Services (SDRS) is in charge of the turn-key, dorm-like apartments on nearly ten acres just off M-80 in Kincheloe.

Vice President of Camp Operations for SDRS, Todd Harris, says the expansion is needed.

"We are currently housing 55 Kokosing Alberici Traylor (KAT) employees with the summer construction phase just beginning to kick in. We will soon be at 76 guests. The addition of the current Phase 2 expansion will consist of a 5 unit recreation facility that includes a theater, wifi/internet area, gaming room with foosball and pool tables and additional cardio fitness equipment," Harris said.

Harris said they will also be adding one more 38-room dormitory to bring the housing capacity up to 114 rooms. They anticipate expanding the facility by three more dorms in Phase 3 which will take place next May of 2025.

Phase 2 is expected to be completed by early July.