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Annual car show returns with more great entries

Twin Sault Cruisers Car Show returns August 5th

Nostalgia for a bygone era of automotive craftsmanship is the driving force behind one of the area’s most popular annual outdoor events, the upcoming Twin Sault Cruisers Car Show.

Scheduled for August 5th on historic Water Street by the world-famous Soo Locks, The Twin Sault Cruisers Car Show is a must-see event for auto and truck enthusiasts with a passion for classic design.

“This is the highlight of our annual event calendar,” said Event Coordinator Tom Luoma, a longtime member of the Twin Sault Cruisers auto club. “Every year we draw hundreds of entries and special interest cars from the Great Lakes region of Michigan and Ontario.”

Launched nearly 50 years ago by what was then called the International Antique Auto Club, the original Car Show featured only a handful of families who tended to showcase their pre-war antique cars. It has since grown into the areas top showcase of automotive excellence, with hundreds of different makes and models from most of the top name automobile manufacturers.

“We have everything from 1920s models right up to late model custom cars, muscle cars, off shore cars and trucks,” said Luoma, whose own collection of class cars includes three different model Studebakers. “People come for different reasons. Some people are only interested in Corvettes, while some are into late model muscle cars. Every year we seem to be adding classes and awards to people who bring out their vehicles.”

Awards are a big part of the day’s activities, and the Twin Sault Cruisers have established a wide variety of award categories to incent car owners to participate. There are six brand awards including Top GM, Top Ford, Top Mopar, Top Truck, and Top Orphan (brand no longer being manufactured). The five major awards include Best In Show, Mayor’s Choice, Ladies Choice, People’s Choice, and Participant Choice.

The event also include food, music, and door prizes to round out the day’s activities. Luoma said the entire event is made possible through the generous contributions of sponsors who work collaboratively to support the Twin City Cruisers in their efforts to host the popular annual event.

“We’re a social charitable organization made up of members with a common interest,” said Luoma. “Our club was formed in 1975, and after a few years they decided to host the show. It has kind of evolved over the years, with locations that varied locally. There are a lot of vehicles now that cater to different tastes.”

Car owners who want to participate can pre-register online for $15 at Registration increase to $20 day of the event. As an added bonus, each person who enters an automobile gets a free framed picture of their entry.

The Twin Sault Cruisers Annual Car show runs from 10am to 3pm on August 5th rain or shine.

For more information visit them on Facebook or contact [email protected]