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Chippewa County International Airport (CIU) soars to new heights with award

CIU is proud to be named Michigan's 2023 Airport of the Year

Chippewa County International Airport (CIU) is recognized by MDOT’s Office of Aeronautics as Michigan's 2023 Airport of the Year.

The award goes to an airport that has gone above and beyond to secure funding, manage projects fluently, stay within budget and provide a product that benefits the entire region, explained Tami Beseau, the airport manager at CIU.

"As with all recognition of hard work, this award is special," Beseau said. "We were provided this award because of the hard work we did to get all of our airside infrastructure in great shape and because it was recognized as a huge lift to secure the funding."

This is the second time CIU has received the award, and although Beseau said it's great to be recognized, she adds that CIU strives each day to be the best airport.

Large runways with well-maintained LED lighting, snow removal equipment to keep the airfield going 24 hours a day through the winter, a new General Aviation Terminal, and 50-76 jets that fly from DTW to MSP seven days a week are among the reasons CIU landed the title of Airport of the Year.

"People can truly get anywhere from here. Our passengers have the benefit of flights and perks with one of the two largest air carriers in the country," Beseau said.

To book a flight at CIU, visit their website here.