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Timing is everything for MYLAPS at the I-500 track

Their success on the international level is evident on the local level at the I-500 track.

The International 500 Snowmobile Endurance Race is considered to be the most grueling and prestigious snowmobile race in the world.  

And for good reason.

It's 500 laps around a one-mile oval track made of ice. It's a battle of position, skill, speed, and technology that determines the winner.

In the end, it is all about who makes it across the finish line first.

And that is where MYLAPS Sports Timing comes in.

It is the company that provides the official timing at the I-500 race.

MYLAPS has been so reliable that it has been the company for the last decade that has kept everything "timing" in line. 

MYLAPS has its headquarters in the Netherlands but has satellites all across the globe.

Their success on the international level is evident on the local level at the I-500 track.

Balton Aulls of MYLAPS has been behind the computers in the timing booth since the I-500 hired them in a decade ago.

"It just seems to get bigger each year. The publicity keeps reaching new parts of the industry. It is amazing how many in the car racing world keep up with the I-500 here, especially after last year's finish," Aulls said.

In the official timing booth set up at the finish line, Aulls has his computers ready to go.

"Each snowmobile has a transponder and when it crosses the underground line with each lap, it registers on our computers. I see exactly which transponder comes up with timing," Aulls said.

Last year's race was a photo finish between Tommie Bauer Racing and D.L. Racing with Bauer taking the official checkered flag.

With that kind of race, Aulls said it was hard not to get into the race.

"You have a job to do. That is the main priority, of course, to provide the job and service.  It's hard with this kind of race with it being so exciting. It is a race like I had never seen before. It's hard not to become a fan or spectator. But we have a job to do and do our thing," Aulls added.

As for the success of MYLAPS at the I-500 and overall internationally, MYLAPS is going nowhere.

"Last year we just celebrated our 40th anniversary so we have been around a long time," Aulls added.