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Undersheriff Greg Postma moves on (Updated with Postma comments)

He had a career that lasted almost 23 years at the Chippewa County Sheriff's Office

The following was posted by Sheriff Michael Bitnar on the Chippewa County Sheriff Department's website:

Chippewa County Undersheriff Greg Postma is moving on after a career that lasted almost 23 years at the Chippewa County Sheriff's Office. Greg followed in his fathers footsteps who also served the citizens of Chippewa County at the Sheriff's Office.

Greg will be moving into the Chippewa County 911 Director position at Central Dispatch, officially starting in early June. Today is his last full day but he will be around to help cross train his replacement, not yet named.

It is hard to explain how much Greg has meant to our Office. Greg is more than an Undersheriff, he is one of my very best friends and we will all miss him at the Sheriff's Office.

Good luck in your new position and

Congratulations on making it thru a career in Law Enforcement.

Great job my friend.

Michael D. Bitnar

The following was sent by Greg Postma:

"There are times In life when change hits you square in the face. All you can do is accept it and hold on for the ride. I’ve spent over half my life listening to the sound of Velcro straps, smelling old comfortable leather, lacing up boots and keying a mic calling in to service everyday.

Today I did all those things for the last time. Some of you know how easy this decision was for me. Some of you know how hard this decision was for me. And some of you, some of you, will understand how heartbreaking this decision was for me. I’ve made amazing friends.

I have some amazing memories. I had the opportunity to work with some absolutely amazing human beings who understand the very essence of sacrifice. Who’s day in and day out service has kept us all safe. Sacrifice not only from my coworkers but most definitely my family. I leave this job with a full heart for what I’ve been able to do for people, but I also feel sadness, for the times my family sacrificed for that purpose.

It’s now time to give to my family what I’ve been giving to everyone else. I move forward into a new chapter with new drive and a renewed ambition and look forward to making new friends and new family on the other side of the radio. I can not find the exact words to say thank you to my family at the Chippewa County Sheriff Office. You’ve been there in good times, in hard times, in unimaginable, unforgettable and unbelievable times. You will will always been in my thoughts and close to my heart. Thanks for the memories and stay safe out there!!!!

I will be supervising the Dispatch Center for Luce Mackinaw and Chippewa and also be the Emergency Manager for Chippewa County. I will be starting on April 6. I’m looking forward to the position and am lucky to walk into the position that Missy Robbins has been holding. The dispatch center and emergency manager position is in a good place thanks to her and her team and I look forward to stepping into a well oiled machine."